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Gizmos I've Written

SCM-related doodads

P4HL - a Perforce Half-Life mod. Must be seen to be believed.

P4QTree - a file integration graph for Perforce.

SQUID - an image differ.

CALAMARI - like SQUID but tastier!

Jamgraph - a Jam graph-drawing gizmo.

P4Saver - a very simple Perforce-themed screensaver.

Some more things

Genesaver - a living, learning screensaver.

Scenesaver(the next evolution of Genesaver) - a unique twist on the "slideshow" screensaver.

SquareGarden - another screensaver.

SquareCraft - a fractal explorer sort of program.

WebThumb - a bare-bones thumbnail generator.

Other Cool Stuff

Perforce - the fast SCM system.