Does SCM ever start to seem flat and two-dimensional? Have you ever felt the urge to browse depot history while beating up on your friends with a crowbar? Then check out P4HL, a fully 3D depot browsing interface built on the Half-Life engine.

Source and binaries are available from the Public Depot . Modifying and building the code requires the Half-Life SDK, which is free for owners of Half-Life. Sorry, no Steam version available.

Install (Windows only):

OR Once you've done this, P4HL will appear as a mod in the "Custom Game" menu in Half-Life.

Getting started:
Start a new game with the map "xen.bsp", which is the default, and push the number keys to cycle through your "weapons". Move the mouse to look around, left and right-click to shoot, and push the WSAD keys to walk. Shooting the spinning ball (and the objects which come out of it) with the different colored beam weapons will have different effects.

P4HL Command Reference

Release Notes

Contact me: spamwise at gmail dot com. Questions, suggestions, and feedback welcomed. Especially positive feedback.

Disclaimer: this tool is completely unsupported by Perforce Software, Inc.

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