This is mostly the same thing as SquareGarden . The difference is that this application lets you direct the evolution of the patterns, fiddle with the colors, and save the result if you like.

The patterns are generated by repeatedly dividing the area using an evolving ruleset. The result is generally an interesting fractal sort of thing. The number of times that each pattern is divided can be adjusted with the slider (be warned: the higher it goes, the longer your machine will chug), and the four colors used to display the patterns can be chosen as well.

Windows installation instructions:

  1. Save SquareCraft.exe someplace convenient, like your PATH.
  2. Save qt-mt333.dll someplace similarly convenient if you don't already have it.
  3. Run SquareCraft.exe to start.

Once it's started up, you'll be presented with four simple starting patterns. Click the one you like the best, and the others will change. Repeat.

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