Jamgraph is a cute little gizmo that graphs Jam/MR dependencies, generating its picture from the output of jam -ndd .

I am by no means a Jam guru (ironically, there is no Jamfile for building Jamgraph yet), so this project was more of a fun exercise in graphing than anything else. If someone ends up finding a real use for it, so much the better!

The thing that drives Jamgraph is physics. Every node in the graph repels all of the others as though they were all charged particles (Couloumb's Law). Nodes that are linked by dependencies pull on each other as though attached by springs (Hooke's Law). There is also a gravitational force that sucks the graph toward the center in an attempt to make it use real estate more efficiently, and a pseudo-frictional effect to keep everything from spinning off into orbit.

All of Jamgraph's graphics are OpenGL-based. The window system used is GLUT. Feel free to port and/or modify Jamgraph however you see fit.

Source and binaries are in the Perforce Public Depot, of course. You can browse the Jamgraph files here .

For usage instructions, run jamgraph -h .

Contact me: spamwise at gmail dot com. Questions, suggestions, and feedback welcomed. Especially positive feedback.

Disclaimer: this tool is completely unsupported by Perforce Software, Inc.

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